Introducing MB8 Coin

One of the World’s first cryptocurrencies built specifically for an existing eco-system


Why MB8Coin?

One of the World’s first cryptocurrencies built for an existing eco-system

MB8 Coin was founded by a joint collaboration of a Global Shopping and Travel Platform “Multibuy” and Blockchain Specialists “Blockchain Scotland” together they built MB8 Coin to run within the existing Multibuy eco-system.

Coin Distribution

MB8 Tokens sold during the ICO, will be converted to MB8 Coins. 

MB8 Coin Use

Use MB8 Coin for goods, services and travel using the existing Multibuy eco-system. 


QT Wallet

Download the MB8 Coin QT Wallet to hold your MB8 Coins for Staking or use within the Multibuy eco-system. 

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