MB8 Coin Roadmap

  • Eurocredit Plus moves to Blockchain
    The decision to move the existing digital currency to a Blockchain Network is agreed. “Blockchain Scotland” is appointed to design, develop and support MB8 Coin, QT Wallet, Explorer and migrate the existing network on to Blockchain Technology.

  • Multibuy Global Meeting
    500 sales affiliates attend a marketing briefing which sets out how they are authorised to onboard new businesses worldwide.

  • MB8 Test Network
    Development Team launch test network to ensure stable blockchain deployment
  • MB8 Marketing Campaign
    Marketing Campaign agreed by all parties involved, scheduled to roll out soon.

  • MB8 Whitepaper Published
    The history behind Multibuy
    Why MB8 Coin is replacing Eurocredit Plus
    MB8 Coin Roadmap
    MB8 Coin Parameters
    Token Sale – Why invest in MB8 Coin
    Business Team & Technical Team behind MB8 Coin
    How to connect with us on social media

  • MB8 ICO Live
    ICO goes live
  • MB8 Blockchain Goes Live
    Genesis Block
    QT Wallet Goes Live
    Explorer Goes Live

  • MB8 lntergration
    MB8 Coin will be integrated into existing Multibuy Platforms.

  • MB8 Listing Exchanges
    List MB8 Coin on
    cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • MB8 Listing on Coinmarketcap
    List MB8 Coin on cryptocurrency platforms such as Coinmarketcap.

  • Coin Distribution
    ICO Participants receive their MB8 Coins.

  • MB8 Web Wallets Goes Live
    Digital Wallet System goes live.

  • Multibuy App
    MB8 Coin Wallet integration into the existing Multibuy App