I have taken the price of MB8 Coin everyday from Coin Market Cap for 134 days and compared it to that of BTC from when it began to be tracked in 2013 on Coin Market Cap. The results haven’t been tampered with and you can verify the information yourself at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KDaMF5kSZMb_Vl0x1ETJpq9LavoasK2MS0gazQ9BNW8

The maximum change with MB8 Coin since it’s launch on exchanges 134 days ago is +35.55% vs BTC which since it’s first launch on exchanges is +18.81%. The minimum change is inconclusive as the CMC Data for some reason says every crypto dropped 100% when it started being tracked, but I suspect that is more down to a lack of data.

So all that being said MB8 Coin has an average change over 134 days of +1.24% whilst BTC had an average change in the first 134 days of -0.55%

Baring in mind that when BTC was first launched it was a one of a kind and had no competitors as such, now with 4,991 reported cryptocurrencies on CMC MB8 coin is progressing along quite well in comparison.

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