Hi Guys,

We wanted to share exactly who we have applied to, when we applied and why?

2019 Applications Submitted.

  1. Binance.com [EXCHANGE] – Awaiting further guidance
  2. OKEX [EXCHANGE] – Awaiting further guidance
  3. Coinbase [EXCHANGE and GATEWAY] – Awaiting further guidance
  4. Coinexchange.io [EXCHANGE] – Accepted and Listed
  5. Whitebit [EXCHANGE] – Accepted and Listed
  6. P2PB2B [EXCHANGE] – Accepted and Listed
  7. CoinsPaid [GATEWAY]- Awaiting further guidance

2020 Applications Submitted.

  1. TrustWallet [WALLET]- MB8 Coin does not fit the required criteria “Must be in the top 30 coins as listed on CoinMarketCap”
  2. Atomicpay [GATEWAY] – Application Submitted
  3. BitPay [GATEWAY] – No application process, BitPay decide on Coin Value which coin is accepted in to their network. Read the full response at mb8coin.io “Who we have applied to for even more places to use MB8 Coin”
  4. Blockonomics [GATEWAY] – Application Submitted
  5. Rocketr [GATEWAY] – Application Submitted
  6. Shapeshift.io [GATEWAY] – “Jan 8, 12:34 PM MST Hello Daniel, Thank you for reaching out. At this time all new coin additions are decided in house and depend on a variety of factors like volume, liquidity, function, ability for our team to add it to our platform etc. Thank you for letting us know that you would like to have MB8 Coin added. Stay tuned as we are always looking to add new features, wallets, and coins to our New Platform! Kind Regards, ShapeShift.io”
  7. flyp.me [GATEWAY] – Application Submitted
  8. Moon [GATEWAY] – Contact Made
  9. Alfacoins [GATEWAY] – Contact Made
  10. Changelly [EXCHANGE and GATEWAY] – Contact Made
  11. CoinGate [GATEWAY] – Contact Made
  12. Confirmo [GATEWAY] – “Jan 7, 2020, 9:10 AM- we currently process BTC and LTC payments, other alts are to come in upcoming months. I am sorry for not being able to disclose any concrete dates or currencies, the updates are to be announced.”
  13. SpectroCoin [GATEWAY] – Contact Made
  14. GoCoin [GATEWAY] – Contact Made
  15. SpicePay [GATEWAY] – Contact Made

So what are they?

EXCHANGE- An exchange is where you can trade between MB8 Coin, BTC and other alt coins.

GATEWAY – A gateway is used by merchants and retailers to accept payments, they same way PayPal works. We chose this as one of our primary focuses to get more uses for MB8 Coin without retailers or merchants requiring changes or upgrades to their websites or systems.

WALLET – An external wallet that is published by a thrid party but provides support for MB8 Coin.