Dear customers,

This message is an information statement about our MB8 Coin status

Since the start of this joint venture that has brought MB8 Coin live, Multibuy major goal was to quote our MB8 Coin on official foreign exchanges and this target has been promptly achieved.

The next goal we are facing with consistent commitment is the regulation of the Coin that may help to stabilize the Coin value on the market.

Multibuy is waiting on developments about Maltese Coin regulation. Due to government political changes, released by the international press, the process towards regulation has been influenced, bringing delays. We are therefore working to ensure that regulation will be in place as soon as possible.


In the meantime, MB8 Coin is kept on purpose on a low value in order to avoid the holders from the action of selling it on the exchanges; in fact once the tokens are sold on the exchanges, it will not be possible to convert these in regulated tokens, once MB8 regulation will take place. So this action is meant to safeguard mb8 holders. The maltase state won’t regulate coins that have been previously exchanged.


MB8 Coin fluctuates due to market operators and to react to this, Multibuy is prompt to rebuy the Coins to avoid excessive devaluations. On top of speculations, there are holders that sell immediately the Coin after its value raises, causing a negative influence as well. They are in fact certainly losing the possibility to receive regulated tokens. In fact, once mb8 Coin will be regulated, then the Coin will be in a free trade market.


We highly recommend waiting for the Coin to get a stabile value on the market.


Once the Coin will be regulated, Multibuy will give the possibility to the shops to provide them with an MB8 Money POS, so that the business activities will be able to accept MB8 Coin as payment method.

This will determine numbers of transactions that will increase the Coin value.


As anticipated, Multibuy Company has created a web wallet in collaboration with Paytah, a financial maltase institution based in Switzerland. This financial institution is called MB8 Money and it will handle all the exchange functions once MB8 Coin will be regulated and will provide an online Wallet with Mastercard credit card.


Every MB8 Coin holder will be given the opportunity to have an online wallet able to handle both fiat (Euro, Dollar currency etc.)  and crypto regulated Coins to all its customers and businesses. This will facilitate the holder, who can exchange easily both MB8 Coin and Fiat.

Bear in mind that this great possibility to have a bank that holds both Fiat and crypto on the same wallet is unique.

The website will be online starting from 6th April 2020 and the possibility to open a MasterCard linked to the bank account will be available during the beginning of the first two weeks of April 2020.

MB8 Coin holders will have exclusive benefits on bank account opening and its management.


Actually, there is the possibility to open a bank account together with a credit card on favorable terms. All you have to do is to go to, login to access your reserved area and purchase a card account with a 50% discount.


As mentioned above, Multibuy’s first goal is to get MB8 Coin regulated as soon as possible.

Regulated coin is predicted to bring the coin value stability and customers holders security. Therefore, we invite you to hold your MB8 Coins.

Dear customers, thanking you for the wait, please to bear with us and to follow us on our journey towards regulation.


Our best regards,
Multibuy Company
Technical & Administrative Team