Dear MB8 Coin Holders,


Although the world is in various forms of lockdown, we hope during this unusual time around the world you are staying safe both physically and digitally. We at Blockchain Scotland have been building a new wallet update coming very soon and some new features being added to the Blockchain Network.

The new wallet improves the Proof of Stake element and provides a more secure and concise method for rewards. Additionally, we are adding a Watchdog to the network, this means anyone or any device acting strange or trying to hack into the network will be immediately removed from the network.

Multibuy are currently preparing to launch their own MB8 Coin Bank and have relaunched their shop. You can check out all the MB8 Coin features they offer at

The new update for MB8 Coin QT Wallet will shortly available at It is important to keep the wallet updated with the latest version, now being version 1.2.4. To find out your version, open your QT Wallet, click Help along the top menu, then click About MB8 Coin Core. If this does not say v1.2.4 then you need to download the update from and update your wallet.

Please remember to backup your wallet before you begin any updates, this is quick and easy. Open the QT Wallet, go to File along the top menu, and click Backup. This will ask you to save a file to your computer or external device (such as a USB Stick), keep this backup file safe and secure, treat it like you would your wallet or purse.

A reminder on the support mechanisms available for you the MB8 Coin Community:

For Technical Questions relating to QT Wallet or MB8 Coin Blockchain please contact

For any questions relating to Progression, Non-Technical or any other Questions please email

Please be aware we are unable to assist with questions relating to exchanges, please follow the support processes on the exchanges directly.

It is important that emails sent to correct mailboxes, failure to do so will delay a response to you.

Support and Communications via Telegram, Facebook Chat, Facebook Replies, Twitter Replies are discontinuing as of the 1st June 2020. All groups, threads and channels will remain open for community chat, however, will no longer be moderated. Official news will be published on, MB8 Coin Facebook and Twitter pages as posts.

We hope you remain safe in this unusual time and look forward to bringing you some new tech updates soon.