Dear MB8 Coin Community,

here is a newsletter to inform you about the developments of our cryptocurrency.

Although the pandemic in progress is affecting our personal and professional life, Multibuy continues to pursue, at a slow pace, the goals set developing strategies for MB8 Coin growth.

Multibuy Company and Blockchain Scotland are still working together to make the currency strong and effective in the market. Soon new strategies will be devised and they will allow the two coins growing together: we will make sure that the currently listed one begins to increase in value through the exchange platforms and, at the same time, we will continue to pursue the regulation.

We have decided to change strategy due to the constant difficulties encountered in Malta where – and we want strongly to clarify it – we are doing our best to implement the practices, aware that at the moment no company has been regulated yet after 3 years from the announcement. In any case it is our firm intention to obtain it and, if necessary, to find alternatives to Malta.

As anticipated, we will implement strategies to use MB8 Coin on our travel and e-commerce websites.

We would like to specify that we have not previously pursued this way because it could have caused problems to the path of regulation.

In regards to MB8money – our online financial platform that allows the opening of bank accounts – there will be the possibility to use MB8 Coin through the creation of a wallet that will facilitate the exchange between crypto and Fiat currency.

After various issues with Wirecard – the Company that was supposed to provide us with debit cards to be connected to the online account in June 2020 – we have found a new supplier who will deliver debit cards in October 2020; in the meanwhile, you can activate your account/card and request a virtual card using this link:

The MB8money card will have many benefits, described on following website

Another important news is the new version of Multibuy App, downloadable in the App Store and Google Play.

We remind you that our first goal is to make MB8 Coin profitable and strong.

In this regard, a meeting with Blockchain Scotland is planned in the short term to study new market and technological solutions for the crypto currency, and therefore to make MB8 Coin a successful Coin.

In the next newsletter you will be informed about the results of this brainstorming meeting.


We are here to support you with all information because we believe that our currency is your currency, and that the community satisfaction can only increase the Coin and its value.

We wish everyone a good job and we keep in touch soon for updates on the use of MB8 Coin.


Stay tuned!

Giancarlo Santigli

CEO Multibuy