The following step-by-step process has been devised to enable you to reset your password.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: On the left-hand side of the page under the heading “Login” you will see ‘Lost your password?’ Click this link.

You may also go directly to this page by


Step 3: Type your email address in the box under the heading “Username or Email”, once this is done please click the Reset Password button.

Step 4: You will receive an email from this may be marked as Spam/Junk by your email provider, it is important to check your Inbox, Spam and Junk Folder for the email.

Step 5: The email received will contain a unique password link which when you click “Click here to reset your password” will take you to a password reset page.

Step 6: Type your new password in the box “New Password” and repeat the same password in the box “Re-enter new password” to the right. Once you are happy with your password, click the “Save”  Button to set your new password.

Your password has now been changed; you may now login with your new password at

If you experience any issues following these steps, please respond to this email and our support team will be happy to assist you, please provide as much information as you can to enable our support team to handle your email as quickly as possible.