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In order to backup your wallet you can do this either using the “Backup Wallet” Feature found under the “File” heading at the top left of the QT Wallet, remember to save the file that is generated to a safe place.

For advance users:

Go to Start > Run on your windows PC

Type %appdata%/mb8coin

Copy the wallet.dat file to a safe place.


In the event you need to restore this, you can drop the wallet.dat file in to this on your new computer and this will restore your wallet.

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Your wallet may be appearing as offline due to the configuration on your computer’s firewall settings.

You can following the steps on the following website to allow the MB8 Coin program through your firewall. https://computing.which.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/209752885-Allow-or-block-programs-with-the-Windows-Firewall

If you are using an alternative firewall provider, such as Norton or AVG, please refer to their support sections on how to allow a program through the firewall.

The wallet is stand alone and does not require any configuration changes in order to work, this will auto connect to the MB8 Coin network.

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Mature Coins means when you have transferred in to a QT Wallet these take time to mature in your wallet, this prevents staking fraud. The coins you wish to stake must remain in your QT Wallet for 3 hours and will begin auto staking after this time.

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This issue could be caused by your browser caching, please perform the following steps to attempt to resolve the issue.

1: Use an your browser in “in-private” mode this may also be know as Incognito Mode.

How to do guides are available here

2: Use an alternative browser.

Example, if this is not working on Chrome, please try this in Internet Explorer or Edge.

3: Clear your cookies for your browser.


If after attempting resolutions 1,2 and 3 you are still having problems please contact support@mb8coin.io for further assistance.

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Important update regarding staking

MB8 Coin has an important update regarding staking. Please click the Read Now button below to read the update or Download the QT Wallet Update below