MB8 Coin

A real world Cryptocurrency with 2100 businesses, and growing, all ready to accept our Cryptocurrency MB8 Coin.

Use MB8 Coin to book your holidays and travels, or purchase products online within the Multibuycircuit.

Public ICO

Get rewarded with 3 MB8 Tokens for every 1 Euro Purchased. Buy now before the reward changes to 2 MB8 Tokens for every 1 Euro Purchased

Phase 2 €0.33

Next Phase €0.50

MB8 Tokens Sold

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Purchase Stages

Public Token Sale

7th May 2018 – 31st March 2019

3 Tokens = €1 Euro


Public Pre-Sale

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


1 Euro

1 Euro

1 Euro

1 Euro

MB8 Token Issued

5 MB8 Tokens

4 MB8 Tokens

3 MB8 Tokens

2 MB8 Tokens

Available Dates

7th May 2018 – 18th June 2018 *

Until Sold Out

Until Sold Out

Until Sold Out or 31st March 2019*

Token Sale Cap

75,000,000 MB8 Tokens

125,000,000 MB8 Token

125,000,000 MB8 Token

125,000,000 MB8 Token

Business Partners Sale

7th May 2018 – 31st March 2019

5 Tokens = €1 Euro

75 Million MB8 Tokens Reserved

For existing and new business partners of Multibuy Company to pre-purchase MB8 Tokens to give out as loyalty rewards.
* any unsold coins will be provably burnt

Budget Allocation

Any unsold coins will be provably burnt
  • ICO Business Partner Sale
  • ICO Pre-Sale
  • ICO Phase 1
  • ICO Phase 2
  • ICO Phase 3
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing

Why the change?

Already proven and highly successful, the expansion of our Eurocredit Plus loyalty rewards system was an obvious opportunity to utilise the efficiencies which Blockchain technology brings. By replacing our traditionally “closed system rewards model” we aim to expand to many new markets, leveraging the innovation of this exciting space. This transition will also allow for the platform to be greatly enhanced and expanded for the benefit of all participants. After the launch, our existing Eurocredit Plus rewards platform will close to new customers and be swapped for our cryptocurrency called MB8 Coin.


  • MB8 Coin will be listed on exchanges where customers will have the ability to trade the coin for other currencies.
  • MB8 coin will be accepted by over 2100 businesses soon after ICO completion.
  • The Multibuy App is being re-developed and will soon show nearest accepting business partners.
  • Gain MB8 Coin while using the existing rewards platform.

Business Partners

  • Vendors will receive MB8 Coin at ICO and from all future customer redemptions on offers.
  • Ability to accrue 5% additional MB8 Coin rewards p/a. (by staking)
  • Ability to benefit from increased business from new customers and brand awareness.
  • Ability to buy and sell the rewards tokens on the open market rather than from a closed source at a fixed price.


  • Reduced costs in running and maintaining the Multibuy rewards system.
  • Increased business recognition and new customers from untapped areas.
  • Industry first where a rewards system replaces its operating model to Blockchain technology.
  • Opens the rewards system to anyone who wishes to participate.

The Multibuy Team

The Blockchain Scotland Team

MB8 Coin Roadmap

  • Eurocredit Plus moves to Blockchain
    The decision to move the existing digital currency to a Blockchain Network is agreed. “Blockchain Scotland” is appointed to design, develop and support MB8 Coin, QT Wallet, Explorer and migrate the existing network on to Blockchain Technology.

  • Multibuy Global Meeting
    500 sales affiliates attend a marketing briefing which sets out how they are authorised to onboard new businesses worldwide.

  • MB8 Test Network
    Development Team launch test network to ensure stable blockchain deployment
  • MB8 Marketing Campaign
    Marketing Campaign agreed by all parties involved, scheduled to roll out soon.

  • MB8 Whitepaper Published
    The history behind Multibuy
    Why MB8 Coin is replacing Eurocredit Plus
    MB8 Coin Roadmap
    MB8 Coin Parameters
    Token Sale – Why invest in MB8 Coin
    Business Team & Technical Team behind MB8 Coin
    How to connect with us on social media

  • MB8 ICO Live
    ICO goes live
  • MB8 Blockchain Goes Live
    Genesis Block
    QT Wallet Goes Live
    Explorer Goes Live

  • MB8 lntergration
    MB8 Coin will be integrated into existing Multibuy Platforms.

  • MB8 Listing Exchanges
    List MB8 Coin on
    cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • MB8 Listing on Coinmarketcap
    List MB8 Coin on cryptocurrency platforms such as Coinmarketcap.

  • Coin Distribution
    ICO Participants receive their MB8 Coins.

  • MB8 Web Wallets Goes Live
    Digital Wallet System goes live.

  • Multibuy App
    MB8 Coin Wallet integration into the existing Multibuy App

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