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Update 24.05.2019

Hello again from the MB8 Coin Team,

We have great news on the outcome of the tests that have been run. After successful testing, we can now confirm that we will be going ahead with the proposed 1.75% staking return on the circulating supply that is estimated to equate to above 5% per annum for those of you that are participating in running the network with a QT wallet as explained in the last update.

If you missed the last update you could access it here:

This means staking rewards will be received far more frequently providing a solution to the feedback we have received from you our loyal MB8 Coin holders.

To ensure all customers are honoured as per originally stated in the whitepaper and technical documents we are delighted to further confirm all existing MB8 Coin customers will receive their 10% upfront during this changeover and will be able to earn even more while staking over the next six months.

So when will this happen?

Firstly, if you already have a QT Wallet downloaded, you must update it to the latest version. You can do this by simply closing the QT Wallet on your device, downloading the new version from

IMPORTANT NOTE: The updates are not currently available, however, will be published and we will notify you once this change is made.

Staking rewards will change at Block 35000 (You can see what block you are on in your QT Wallet in the Dashboard where it says “Connected to MB8Coin network X active connections. Last Block XXXX “ This means that when your Block changes to 35000, your staking reward will update.

NOTE: When your QT Wallet reaches block 35000 you will be prompted from the QT Wallet Software to re-index, please click YES to this message.

If you have not moved your coins to a QT Wallet and they are located in Web-Wallet, don’t worry, you do not need to do anything, we will take care of this for you.

What about the 10% bonus staking rewards?

We will be performing what is known as a Snapshot and Airdrop. What this means is, once everyone has updated their QT Wallets or by Block 40000 we will take a copy of everyone’s wallets on the network, the 10% increase will then be calculated and sent to your wallet shortly after this, again if you are using a Web Wallet or a QT Wallet, there is no action required from you, we will take care of this.

Why are you making changes at Blocks, rather than dates?

We will be making changes at certain Blocks so everyone in the network will update at exactly the same time.
That’s it, your new staking rewards will start appearing in your wallet, more frequently.

More good news….. Really…. WOW

We are making excellent progress with the regulated MB8 Coin and hope to have a full update soon for you. We are now looking at including identity management and voting to the new regulated MB8 Coin, this will help add value and ensure your opinion is heard as this is a consumer driven Blockchain.

Once we have further developments on Regulation, I.D Management and Voting we will, of course, update you all.

Remember if you have questions check out the FAQ section on and ask questions here as well so that the whole community has access to important information and answers.

For anything that relates just to your own account email the team at so that we can assist you.
SG Multibuy Group KFT, Andrassy ut 41.3 em 2, Budapest, 1061 Budap
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