where is the write paper


Hi, Can you please tell me what has happened to the white paper for MB8 coin, I referred a friend to buy some coins from the exchange and on doing his due diligence he informed me he could not find a white paper for MB8 Coin so he will not be buying any without seeing that.

I would also like to know when we will see the new travel platform operational, we have been told its on its way  but so far nothing has happened, and no information being put out to update the community on its progress. these are vital for the value of the coin to grow. We expected to be able to use the coin on the shopping and travel  platforms  from day one of release but if I’m correct this is not the case

Tor myself I’m fully invested, and support the business and where its heading and truly believe the future is bright with Multibuy and MB8 coin. Ive personally bought more than 150.000 coins since the end of the ICO SO I’m a believer.  I however have people that I brought into the this who are continually asking me these questions and all I keep telling them is its coming soon, but I’ve being saying that for some time now.

I look forward to your quick response so that I can put my teams minds at rest.

Kind regards

Roy Flowers




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