QT Wallet continues to show zero balance and no transactions


I am rather disappointed with your response to the query I posted over a week and a half ago quoted below:

“I just completed all steps from 1 to 7 as per MB8 Coin Web Wallet Guide (Windows User Guide 2). I was expecting to see the MB8 Coin QT Wallet as per step 8 but instead at step 7, the following message appears: Your balance is zero! No funds to transfer. Can you please help to resolve this issue soon. Thank you.”

Please note the message that the message still continues to show: Your balance is zero! No funds to transfer.

The QT Wallet doesn’t show any Transactions! So, where are my MB8 Coins? How do I locate them and transfer to the QT Wallet?

Kindly revert soon as I am conscious of the deadline to transfer to QT Wallet is fast approaching.

Thank you.

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