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I have been trying to download, install and open the MB8coin Wallet after an update, several months ago and it has been failing to run. Taking the download file from the .io site as instructed, it seems to install and does in fact open, asks to rebuild the database and starts to build but then always crashes out. I have uninstalled the programme and tried both the 32bit and 64 bit version although i know my computer is 64 bit.

Having now been told that the wallets will close on the 30 September I need to find a way to get access to the 9060 units in there to transfer them to another wallet before they disappear altogether.

I have asked this question several times now but have never received any reply or help on this matter and do not want to loose the money that I have put ion just because the support is either overloaded or not adequately staffed.

I look forward to your reply in due and hopefully swift course.

Edward Brown

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  1. Hello,

    have you enabled applications from third parties in the settings? If this option is not available it must be enabled through a terminal command which can also be found in the guide.

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